Wrath Tears

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1. Overture XX

Heart empty, but sorrow and pain; Wounded pride, faith and self esteem; Lost without a trace, without a heart, Without a soul; Far beyond the sea of fears; Sailing through the gloomy moonlight; Reachi...

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2. Running In The Night

I'm running in the night; Just hear my steps; Standing in fright; Waiting for the light; To guide myself and arrive; Under the moonlight; I hear wolfs howl; Its sounds so bright; And the trees shaking...

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3. The Cry

The first time we crossed our ways; All it seems like fantasy; We walk side by side and then; We were living in a dream; Promised ourselves to each other; In a love so endlessy; But nothing in this mi...

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4. Wrath Tears

Do you feel wrath, if your life was always hard? Your eyes have been nurning for years crying the wrath tears. You always ask yourself why your life does never change. All around you, will ever be the...

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