Wrath Of Wolves

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1. Imminent Cosmic Cataclysm

Verse:; Degradation fall of kingdoms, devastation death of seasons. The prophecies fulfilled the fall of man concealed the alpha and Omega have been revealed. Decomposing doom and despair, brings damn...

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2. The Obstreperous Dragon

Verse:; Fallen angels forsaken sons waging wars that come undone. Divide the lines with tongues that lie the dragon's breathing fire. Weilding the blades of steel to kill your arcane ways revealed. A ...

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3. Uncommon Valor

Verse:; Spirit of steel valor and will; I will return to bring you home; Chorus:; Leave no man behind! Leave no man behind! Bridge:; If it means my death no retreat I will not rest or leave you; Bulle...

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