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1. Ada (behind The Red Door)

Lost behind the red door; in the flooded basement; awakened by the sound of her; creeping across wet pavement; coming closer, slowly towards me; but she just disappears; is she trapped within these wa...

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2. Alone

Death angel manifest; Malignant existence; Black candles flicker out; Nothing left here for me now; Sinking into deep depression; I lie awake in isolation; Inner fears are interfering; I am suffocatin...

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3. Chamber Of The Wraith

All ye who enter... Abandon hope. Hear the faded whispers... Of the Wraith of the Ropes.

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4. Death Bed

There is a light at the end of the tunnel; In my view my silhouette stands so clearly; Some holy presence that longs to embrace; Draws back it's caress when it nears me; With only darkness laid out in...

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5. Final Reflection

I don't feel like myself anymore; I run my fingers over open sores; Self administered lethal injection; Snow white powder in my reflection; Watch it dissolve into hallucinations; I can see it all in c...

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6. Lake Of Decay

Blackened laughter, what we're after; Winds of change will, bring disaster; Broken limbs will, lie in ashes; Legions form from dying masses; Pain... never-ending pain... ; Limbs of clay will drift awa...

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