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1. 11 Blocks

11 Blocks from my door to your doorstep; Three years later and it feels too close; I thought I broke the last of that breakdown; The morning I sold your winter coat; It doesn't feel right; When I'm gr...

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2. 90 Days

No-no-no, no-no-no, no; Hey; No-no-no, no-no-no, no; We're driving in a black car; And it's blacked out and we're spinning; We're listening to "Fast Car"; And you're driving fast and you're singing; D...

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3. Give It Time

It was the winter; You wore a winter coat; We took the longest drive down a winding road; I roll my window down; You didn't like the smoke; Now my windows up and I'm all alone; Ohh whoa; You used to r...

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4. Hurts Like Hell

It's been two years, eighth months and a day; Walking 'round in New York in the rain; And right now, I'm a walking cliché; It's been two years, eighth months, nothing's changed; I'm out here trying to...

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5. I Want You

I'm all fucked up; And honestly, it's been killing me; Honestly, it's been killing me; And I, I don't wanna call; I'm calling you 'cause I'm drunk tonight; Pick up the phone or I'll call a million tim...

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6. Into The Wild

You wanna know; Know where the heat is; It's in our blood; Take off your clothes; I know it's freezing; We're warm enough; Oh, we're running out into the wild; Don't know what we're trying to find; Bu...

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7. Love To Love U

Was it hard to trust a feeling; The closer it, closer; it gets to the real thing? yeah; Was it dark before we're sleeping; Further and further away; from the center of the bed, babe? Every time I look...

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8. Sideways

Time is on our side then maybe; We're missing the sound somehow; Waiting on a moment, but it never comes around; Walking on the sidewalk I got the concrete as made of glass; All we need to break throu...

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9. Since I Was Young (With Kesha)

Nobody knows what it means; You just go when you hope that you grow, that's life; My whole life philosophy; Oh, it changes with the tide; I was like 16 smokin' a cigarette for the first time; Tryin' s...

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10. somebody new

We're startin' to feel analog; Where's the supernatural gone? I guess it's only natural but I hate to see you go; Something that you want the most; When you see it all up close; Guess you don't know w...

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11. Ten Feet Tall

I'm clumsy; Yeah my head's a mess; Cause you got me growing taller everyday; We're giants; In a little man's world; My heart is pumping up so big that it could burst; Been trying so hard not to let it...

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12. The Village

No, your mom don't get it; And your dad don't get it; Uncle john don't get it; And you can't tell grandma; 'cause her heart can't take it; And she might not make it; They say, "don't dare, don't you e...

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