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1. Breezy

when Jody smiles the room lights up with fine white stardust; and limelight seems to beam out of her eyes; she doesn't seem to notice but she doesn't need to; she's had her share of compliments and li...

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2. Cheap Chardonnay

I'm ushered in by the maître d'; his tone of voice don't appeal to me; I've lost my flimmer and my flair; and I dream about your sweet return; 'cause I don't need a lot if I got you; there's nothing I...

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3. Details

a hundrum tuesday morning; when nothing's any good; I try to get to work; but I can't get out of this mood; a dreary friday evening; my friends are all in town; I plan to join them later; but my blues...

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4. Don't Ask

don't ask; don't tell; just keep it to yourself; don't lie; don't cheat; I'm not ready to face defeat; be still; lay low; nobody needs to know; be sure to deny; cross your heart and hope to die; my fa...

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5. Fantastic

we'd be fantastic at parties and such; bleached smiles and cocktails; and that elegant touch; so empty and hollow; refreshingly sad; I'd love to see it all; but I'd rather keep you in my bed; rich gir...

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6. In Between

In between; Don't wanna be your everything, I wanna be your in between (4 x); Don't wanna be your everything, I wanna be your in between, Give me a sign, I'm hanging on. Give me a sign and I'll be gon...

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7. Interpretation Of Love

I walked around for hours; In the pouring rain; I never thought I'd get used to this pain; My feet are hurting; But inside I'm calm and clear; Oh how I want you to be near; This part of town reminds m...

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8. Just What I Need

headaches pass; heartaches never do; they hang around and wait; for someone new; someone naive enough to believe; this time it's for real; break-ups hurt; time and time again; there's just no way; of ...

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9. Live a Little

Warm nights, streets of London; I can’t recall how we got home again; We’d ride on a seahorse; I can’t remember how it all began; (Can't remember); Go on - and live a little; (Can't remember); Don’t l...

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10. March April May

The sun don't shine, my valentine is far across the ocean; My bed feels cold, my love's untold and I can't find the potion; The birds don't sing, it's almost spring but blizzards rage inside me; I hib...

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11. My Life

Growing up in a new life; Cause trauble, nowone couldn't understand; Feed of it could't left alone; It kept me from loving someone else; I took revenge out of jalousy; Gave me the feeling I was unders...

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12. Nothing's Any Good

why this silence; is it good? is it bad? or just silence? all the flowers have died; and it's over; 'cause nothing's any good; I feel restless; all my dreams are enveloped by sadness; and my sweet mem...

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13. Ride That Sunbeam

If you're truly in love with him; follow your dream; ride that sunbeam; till you find what you've missed; in your bittersweet years; it's time to dry those tears; life will happen the way that it shou...

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14. Useless Fraud

I can't see why; I can't see how; you ruined us; and took it all; my fantasies; my reveries are; hiding deep within; you worthless fraud; you ugly cheat; I trusted you; look at me now; my days are gri...

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15. Would You

If I told you a scret; something I wouldn't normally do; something people might frown upon; would you; if I kissed you discreetly; would it mean you'd laugh in my face; would you tell me I'm going cra...

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