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1. Alien Abduction

They came to the earth; When everybody is in sleep; They will took you to their U.F.O; And examine you till pain; Alien Abduction! -Chorus-; Your pains grows to infernal; As you are laying on operatio...

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2. Barbarized And Brutalized

In the year 1587; People came over the sea; To live in this island, To start a new life in here... ; One hundred and seventyseven; Barbarized; Never to be seen again; Brutalized; The only sign, the la...

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3. Barbarizing The Death

Barbarized and brutalized; Through the lies of life tortured; Every morning repeating the same; "death isn't so bad"; My sickness is madness; Told me the higher powers; The power of fear; Marching to ...

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4. Crush The Bones

I have fed up to you; And all the stupid things that you have done; I take big stone from the ground; And i throw it to your ugly face; You fall to the ground; With a big stone in you face; It is in m...

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5. Gas Mutations

Year 1945; German gas chambers; Jew's screaming for god. Gas fills their lungs; Gas! * 4; Fuck your god! Gas mutations; The final judgement day -chorus-; Gas mutations; Mutations; But they will rise a...

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6. Holocaust Reich

Bloodred future, it doesn't wait; It comes when you wake up; This sleep is eternal, why so? Do you want to face the truth? Where are your scars? Was it time which healed them; Or don't you just want t...

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7. Insane

I have fed up with this world; And into everyone in it; I don't want be with anyone; Alone, away from this shit; I'm going to insane; I'm now living by myself; Kilometers away from anyone; Here is my ...

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8. Ritual Afterlife

They came to our land; With guns and false belief; Spreading their words and lies; With force-fedding, humiliating... Why did they come in here? Why did they come in here?!?!?! They said:; "if you won...

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9. Violent Warfare

Degeneration is coming it's way; Religions are corrupting people; They make their rules and want your life; Shout to them what do you think:; Fukk off your stupid gods, Fucked up churches, rotten reli...

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