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1. Daydreaming


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2. Feel My Wrath

A population enraged by such blasphemy; I listened to priests praying in vain; Mingled with the singing and laughter of our enemy; So fools still use a book; instead of the brain; In fact she may be e...

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3. The Coven

We've seen your suffering; Crying for a thrill; Deepening in anger; Towards the world of men; You should join us now; Oh you won't regret! With us (with me); You can (you will); Dance all night! (for ...

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4. The Curse

Why do maidens cry for help? There's a curse in this town; Nothing is growing on this ground! Let's just assure to not sink down; The ocean calls me; Calls me inside; For a catastrophic suicide; The w...

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5. Vighugr

Oh Thor guide our boats! Odin guide our souls! Tyr fight by our side! And if we die, with the Valkyries we'll fly! To the west we have set our sails; Where we arrive we wreak havoc; And take what is o...

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