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1. 1937

Sea breeze. Waves and trees sway. Clouds surround the City by the Bay. Two men. New friends. Fight the fog and wind to take a walk on this golden bridge. The last talk. The last laugh. You stood still...

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2. At Seapoint

Swept from home to a place that doesn't call me one of its own. Time, just like the river, never flows the other way. Life is just a breath, it'll take everything it gave. Finding out this isn't you, ...

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3. Evergreen

Carry On Kid. ; Early spring. 1990. I'll never change. I'm an evergreen tree. A brother and a son. Nothing I did to be called a loved one. ; In my Sunday's best, I tried to sing with my soul. Desperat...

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4. Full Hands, Empty Hearts

Full hands and empty hearts. The first stay first, so the last play their parts. But the poor are treasures in this world. Riches are worthless just like words with no progress. ; Bright headlights. R...

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5. Girl

Freezing cold on a January night…Ur face lit up by the star light…I’m warm cuz I’m holdin U tight…look around there’s no1 else in sight…wouldn’t want it any other way…2 end this crazy mixed up day…U k...

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6. Homebuilder

Out in the back, looking up at stars; Talking about stuff much bigger than ourselves. Thanks for being; Dad whose bags aren't packed, waiting by the door, Looking for the perfect time to go, like; I'v...

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7. Live For What Lasts

After 5 years of fighting this. One autumn took on more meaning for us. Psalm 23 below the stairs. Around old photos, but your face will disappear. Earnest prayers and heartfelt tears on the field tha...

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8. Melody, Save Me

Ground is always there to catch my fall. I get up. Try to hold my own, but feeling all alone. I sank at such a quiet and young age. Innocence was stripped away. As a kid, I was forced to grow up in a ...

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9. Messy Masterpiece

Son, you are my song. Let's hear something beautiful. As you look upon your messy masterpiece, My heart beats one step ahead of my feet. "No guilt in life, no fear in death from life's first cry to fi...

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10. Nice Guys Finish Last

It’s 4 AM and I’m still awake, tossing and turning because I’m thinking of U. And if U C me smile, it’s probably fake, but deep inside I know that U feel the same way 2. Since U picked him, my heart’s...

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11. Second Chances

In a small town, on my back porch, I've been thinking about those days I acted like myself. But those days aren't gone. That's why I sing this song. I'll find myself and remain headstrong.

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12. Unlovable

Trying to survive in a lonely world. The peaks are cold, and the valleys low. Steady rate to dissipate. It all gave way. City streets and parking lots, It's the same old scene in the same old spot. Bu...

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