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1. A Night Alone

I don't need this now; I can't pretend I wanna stay; Only you could make this feeling go away; Because a night alone would only do me good; And I would try if only I could; Another time would be much ...

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2. Almost 24

Here we are And I can't think of a single thing I did this year; What do I say when I write this down? I've done my best, I swear I have, I just can't get a hold on this; I can't keep blaming it all o...

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3. Insterstate 75

Anxious sitting by the phone; Knowing soon I won't be alone; Waiting for the real night to begin; Step two see her feel alive; But step one is a late night drive; I'm out the door be back by 3 am; The...

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4. The Battle

Stand and face the enemy I know how hard it is; Everyone's a target here and you just may be his; You just have to say; You may have won the battle but we will win the war; Run but you can't hide; Odd...

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5. This Time Around

I always thought the problem was not enough heart; I never knew the challenge was just to try and stick together; The pages so far aren't a real strong start; I promised myself chapter two would be a ...

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