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1. A Dead Issue

Back to hate. Killing starts now. Same old bullshit, Scum infested, Years gone by but still; Nothing is done. fuck! Contempt over a dead issue again.

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2. Addicts Of Misery

Live in isolation, sociopath needs; Stay the fuck away, I'll blow your goddamn brains, And I don't need your existence; Solitude, psychopatic, gone insane; The fucking pleasure; Of self mental raped; ...

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3. All Go no Emo

No time to sob over broken hearts. All go no emo.

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4. Back Stabber Mission Aborted

Consume by this circle of; Narrow minded fucking assholes. Antipathy strikes me to build up the rage, Obliteration at stake. before you betary us, We have already stabbed you dead. Think before fuck w...

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5. Blasphemy My Ass

Human error, self caged incubators; Blasphemic whores, frequent masterbators; Mass confusion, filthy horrid fucks; Blasphemous outlook, the stench of evil sucks; Slaughter, engorged the smouldering fl...

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6. Butt Krieg Is Showing

Get a fucking proper pant, Lurking shadow start to show. Caught up with these evil grim, Looking at your drooping pants, Darkness starts to fucking grow, Blasphemous endless glow, Goddamn it pull them...

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7. Compulsive Disposition

Have you ever feel the need; To dispose your enemy? Generate the pain; And get away with nothing. Erasing your worst enemy is easy. Disposition is the only answer; To peaceful humanity.

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8. Deceased Occupation

Working from night until day, Never once realize; You are under paid. You fucked your life, Your own willing, To stay in your shitty job. Feed on your own sweat and tears, All day long with nothing to...

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9. Destruct The Bastards

Exploding, vaporizing; Face will blown to bits; With splatter chunks of meat; No time to get away, You are now headless anyway, Exploded, vaporized, meteor to the face; Splatter chunks of meat.

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10. Double-Feeding

Providing a fucked up gun; Worthless killings tons of flaws; Elaborate the do's and dont's; Weapon for the killing spree; With a fucked up shit like this; We will be blown by enemies; During wars. Fau...

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11. Erased Existence

Fucking erased, No way you are coming back; And start your bullshit again. Fuck off now, You don't need to be here bastard. Forcing yourself to be; In the coolest generation, Forgetting the fact that;...

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12. Evolved Into Nothing

Working hard all your life, Trying to achieve something, But in the end you ended up; With the same old bullshit or dead. Nobody is here to give a fuck about you. No goddamn way you blockhead fuck. Th...

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13. Ferocious Bombardment

The act of aggression, Drugged with senseless violence, Paralyzed by the terror, Head first to the fucking ground. Numb with shock. Nothing but convulsions of laughter; In dreadful fucking fear. In ag...

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14. Fix Your Broken Mind

Fuck your stupidity; Poser fuck with fashion freaks; Bullshit visionary; Hiding from reality; Terminate at all cause; Speciment of hate; Grotesque breed poisoned our mind; The creators are dead; But t...

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15. Freedom To Act

Wait for fuck!? freedom to act; Greedy corporate whores; Technology evolves; Corruption unleashed; Start the fucking grinding spree; Freedom to act; Suffering shall come from my hand; I am my fucking ...

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16. Fucking Fierce So What

Fucking fierce so what!?

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17. Indonesia

Unite as one; Appreciate, highness feast; Careless fucks, punk at heart; Diy till die, in a 3rd world nation; Respect overloaded, they deserve to rise; Quality humanity is what the world should fuckin...

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18. Lost Swines

Rot you fucking swine; Acting mindless violence; Forever in fear; Self suffocation; Taking on own lifes; Die for your country? Fuck you lost swines

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19. Manipulation

We don't need you to tell us; What we should do, We are not your fucking scapegoat; To be mess around with. Offensively, self-assuring, Sick intentions, dominating you. Harming people; Just to gain ow...

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20. Meteor To The Face

Meteor to the face. Die you fucking shit. Rotten humanity doesn't exist; But you are still here; In front of my fucking face. Building anger overloaded; Get away from my face; Or I'll show u fucking p...

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21. No One Gives a Shit

No one gives a shit.

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22. One Round Away

You just need to get a grip; Feel the cold sweat pouring down; One round away in your face; Exaggerated explosive, killing all humanity; Spend the day in fucking misery; Fuck this shit just pull the t...

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23. Operation Grindcore

The political pigs; Consuming mankind's trust; Operation, grindcore; What the fuck were you thinking; Trying to get rich quick; Brain-washing feast; End this fucking horrid machine; Kill

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24. Overgrown Asshole

Grostesque ways domination; Heading for a genocide tribal war; From a mindless overgrown fucking asshole; You stupid bastards; Fuck all veterans of war; Starters of inhumanity; Nothing else but born t...

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25. Overpowered Violence

Driven to a world of bull shits, Drench in blood domination; Overpowering, overtaking; Uncontrollable act, Rapid bashing into; Mindless barrage mission, Vehemence overloading; More than just violence,...

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26. Plunged Into Illusions

Do you know that nobody can see you? You are just an illusion. Do you know nobody gives a fuck about you? Living in your own fucking world. Plunged into illusions.

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27. Principle Of The Puppet Warfare

What war?! Freedoms of speech; Are just fucking words. Before you can voice it out, Gun points all around. Fucked up system; Forcing young ones; Lead to horrid suicide, Forcing humans on doing somethi...

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28. Public Display Of Infection

Surrounded by infestation of kids; Loitering mindlessly with no; Directions and believes. Trying really hard to impress publicly; With a half fucked mentality. This trend has been rising can't you see...

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29. Rich

I'm rich; Like a hot noise; Rich, rich, rich; I'll take you out boy; So stuck up; I wish you'd stick it to me; Flesh ripped off; Rawr-rawr-rawr-rawr-rawr-rawr raaaaawwwr! Hey! Turn it; Beating no beat...

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30. Scum Infestation and Last Song

Scum infestation; Natural catastrophe; Is this what we really fucking need; Squeeling and shit; Trying to be grim; Mindless fucking chicks; All around; Trendy wankers squeeling spree; Fuck your scene,...

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31. Semiconcious Godsize Dumbass

Fucking retards, Taking over, What a treat. Blasting hatred, Aimless shooting; At the fucking freaks. What is there to be proud of? Stupefied, mental response, Dull as fuck; Semiconscious god size dum...

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32. Sledgehammer

Hammering you fucking face; Grinding on your fucking brains

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33. Spot a Pathetic

Spot on. What the fuck? I thought you're dead; Living in hell and rot for good? Why the fuck; You're still loitering then, Back to hell where you belong. Existence, not wanted, Pathetic pile of disgra...

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34. Stench Of Ignorance

Stench of ignorance; Fucking parasite, Exterminate your sorry ass, No mask can conceal, His ignorance and arrogance; Destitution; Overbearing pride, Exaggerating opinions, Realized in the wrong, But l...

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35. Waste Of Time

Waste of our time; Working our ass off; But no one really cares, Pouring down blood and sweat, They just stand with endless stares. No fucking clue, baffled all around; Get the fuck out; If you are an...

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36. You Suffer But Why Is It My Problem

I don't want to hear this again! You suffer but why is it my problem?!

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