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1. Brutalized Innocence

Children - victims of horror, victims of pain, hunger and blood. They were born to suffer and die, they see the corpses of their parents; And remember their atrocious deaths. They cry on their parent'...

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2. Crying Cadaverine

I remember their murder day, I remember them asking for mercy; While they felt their cold blood; And I haven't been albe to forget; They were persecuted, cornereds and murdered next they were quartere...

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3. Dismembered Victims

Scenes of violence, brutal deaths, blood and suffering; The bales get in victims' heads destroy the brains and melt the skin; Their amputated arms with unmerciful rifle gunshots; Their legs exterminat...

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4. Ground Human Flesh

The repugnant smell of the rotten flesh, broken bones, melted skin, blood spilling in the walls; Pale and cold faces of pain; brutalizeds, grounds without mercy; slowly quartered; The echo of their sc...

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5. Intestinal Lacerations

INTESTINAL LACERATIONS. My skinconsumed by putrefaction, my opened injury. INTESTINAL LACERATIONS. I feel a barbed wire torturing my stomach, I have vomit in my face, purulent tears in my eyes and gre...

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6. Rusty Chains And Claustrophobia

Corpses and moans stuffed in four asphyxiating wall shouting without being listened to;; pleading for fresh air. The eyes of their freedom only can see rusty chains. In their fleshes there are pus and...

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7. Wormeaten

A long time ago, death wishes are born; Now it's time to destroy them wishes of death, Pleasure of blood, sick mind, total insanity; Absense of mercy, rotten fellings rotten brains; The voices say now...

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