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1. B.a.d.a.b.o.o.m

Monsters; Once upon a time their grotesque forms crawled up the Columns; Crept along flawless grounds; And hung from the balconies of churches; Which remind us of the tribulations that await its sente...

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2. Bang Theory

I'm ready; To conquer your kingdom; To savor every listless flight alone; Its heady(?); I see your every move already; Your policy equals more steady; Honey, dipped and tripped alone; Kill all the lie...

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3. Tit For Tat

Caroline, she says, i am the one; Dagger (?) all the nights, but im having fun; I’m gonna turn you over, inside out; It’s not the weariness, don't scream and shout; It’s just the rubble rousing misspe...

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