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1. Crawling (up Your Spine)

Crawling slowly up your spine; Unperceived infection; Virus spreading in the brain; Disease unfolding, sick injection; Disintegrating fragile mind; Cerebral perforation; Disappearing memories; Holes f...

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2. Disease

Bearing an enormous hate; Against all this racist bullshit; Why can’t we end this madness? Hunting the innocent; Forced by meaningless paroles; Blinded by their own stupidity; They do not show any rem...

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3. Forced Into Shape

Suggested desire; Inflicted need; Buried in the mind; Unnoticed, imprisoned; Bent to their needs; Playing your role; Inserted into the system; Total control; Forced into shape; Analysed, classified; A...

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4. Incapacity

High unemployment rate; Collapse of the social state; Economy crisis - no progress; Ecological balance - polluted earth; Growing criminality; Educational nuisance; Lack of money everywhere; Finding no...

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5. Last Step Before The Fall

Supposed to learn to walk on water; Falling deep and drown in cold wet; It’s the effect, it offers the best thrill; It’s the effect, it’s kill or be killed; Seeing through closed eyes, taking the hurd...

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6. Life's Missing Content

Too much pride; (and) hidden hate; Taste of blood; Pain awaits; Seeing red; Fulfilled frustration; Violence; Mental alienation; Slipping into; A violent role; It’s all caused by; Life’s missing conten...

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7. Lost In The Ruins

Gloomy chaos full of rubble; A forest of burst metal; Corpses, cadavers and lots of screams; Familiar faces, nothing as it was before; Lost in the ruins; Like the dead in their graves; Rummage the rub...

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8. Mankind's Suicide

The sky above is burning red; Mushroom clouds rise; Nerve gas fills the air; Suffocates all life; The world is forever ruined; Destruction, contamination; Mankind’s suicide - your eyes bleed red! Radi...

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9. Placed On A Siding

Change of personality; New influences changed your mind; Find some new childish pussies; Forget the last part of your life; Dream your dream of a love story; Awake one day - no surprise; Find some new...

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10. Reality Is W.y.l

Lies on the screen; Lies on the paper; Lies in your eyes; Lies from your mouth; A lie is the only; Truth I deserve; Sickening ways to; Keep me silent; I am sick; Of your false shit; The truth dies as ...

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11. Technical Doom

Turn on TV, turn out your brain; Don’t think, just watch; Becoming a slave to media shit; Don’t question your new god! Obey your doom - let your mind be fucked; Obey your master - make your eyes get s...

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12. The Needle

Lying upon this cold steel; With a body so wretched and torn; Day by day a repeating torture; A scapegoat for police and law; Why am I to blame for this matter; My inner self knows that I’m not; All I...

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13. What Lies Beneath The Dream

Walk through this world; Confronted with an overdose; Impressions of short existence; Created just for the fast turnover; Becoming a puppet of the dream selling industry; Blinded by the spotlight and ...

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