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1. Gang Bang

Listen to the story as we rap to the beat; as we educate ya 'bout life in the street; coz gang bangin, dope slangin, (??baffle the hit); If you do it too long, you'll end up dead; If you don't end up ...

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2. He's Bionic

Intro:; He's Bionic! (x4); He's Bionic! He's Bionic! He's Bionic, Bionic, Bionic, Bionic!!!! He's Bionic! Aaah Bionic! (x2); Verse 1: Yella; There's no measure of the skills that are in his hands; Peo...

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3. Housecalls

[Hello this is Dr.Dre. I'm not in right now, but if you leave your name; and number at the sound of the beep. I'll be sure to give you a call as; soon as I return]; [beep]; [Hello, Dre, this is Patric...

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4. The Fly

Everybody why don't you try; A brand new dance that we call The Fly; Just move your hands, shake your neck; and move your body just like an insect; Chorus:; The Fly, yeah, is what you got to do; The F...

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5. Turn Off The Lights

Hey what's happening baby; I'm the one who needs no introduction; Cuz I'm the world class doctor; The master of seduction; I can heal all your ills; And give you extreme delight; But only if you allow...

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