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1. 731

Disguised as a lumber mill; But the "logs" was cut with a knife; The Doctors are trained to kill; So ends another life; Experiments in terror; Vivisection on living tissue; Blame it on the Human error...

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2. Ancient Rites Of The Black Cult

Beware of the powers possessed by the black cult; They can transform a man into stone; A frozen reptile comes alive; Everything unimaginable can happen in front of your eyes; Chained in a lost dimensi...

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3. Blood For Draculic

To prevent the downfall of the earth; A neverending hunt for blood occurs; Feed our master with human flesh; No mercy for the children; The evil one survive, the young will die; Blood for draculic... ...

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4. Forgotten Civilization

At the mountain of madness, guarded by the elders; A forgotten civilization doomed to be lost; Evil men came in numbers over the land and sea; Slaying women and children, stealing the knowledge

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5. Gatherings In The Forest

When the moon is full we will meet again; Go down the forest and follow the wind; One hour before dawn, you should listen real close; Shut your eyes and you'll hear the moans from below; Our master sp...

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6. Gilgamesh

Two Part God, one part man; Builder of a city so grand; In search of immortality; Crossing from land to land; Carved his deeds in stone; He's got a tale to tell; Fighting both demons and men; And grue...

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7. Monsters In The Closet

Still waiting for my saviour; Lonely in solitude; Wake me from this nightmare; Stuck in an interlude; Am i really still myself? Am i someone you knew? Confusion in my enlightenment; Is the lie really ...

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8. Monument

It's a cloudy day; The sun won't shine; The wind cries out my name; Least I think it's mine; Rain will soon come down; Wash away the tears; So pure and so fresh; Nothing like my fears; Soon it all wil...

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9. Sacrifices To The Moon

It's time to let her go, young virgin soon to become ash; Sacrifices to the moon, her flesh baptized in fire; Time to meet the man, dive into the fire; Too late for mercy, now you'll meet god... ; Oh ...

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10. The Old Ones

It is written; In the book of the dead; The old ones awaits; Deep down on the ocean bed; In the axis of evil; In both west and east; Will face the horror; Of the woken beast; Between the dimensions; D...

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11. Vengeance

Unlocking the gates to madness - Releasing the insanity; Mankind grew stronger - The earth was enslaved; Vengeance, vengeance, vengeance, is near... ; The sun went black and the time stood still; The ...

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12. Witchbrew

In the deepest forest on the mountainside they have their nest; A cave so filled with black magic; - You shall not fear the witches, the elder said on to me; If your conscious is clean and your soul i...

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