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1. Dreaming Rabbits

Like a creeping shadow; That's inside my head; I hear the voices; Say I should be dead; The world spins around me; Out of my control; Don't let me go; Don't you leave me alone! Help! Why don't you say...

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2. Fatal Impact

Welcome to this world of madness! A most blatant demise! Reality's a nursery; Of such despicable lies! ​; You don't seem to understand; The brute beast that you command; Falling in your endless greed;...

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3. Goodbye My Love

You, the memory of the past; The mist behind the glass; You erased the world; 'Till there was only us; Like music in the sea; A passion symphony; I lost my heart; To you in a melody! I had never seen ...

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4. In This Moment

Floating high up in the sky; I have seen the world pass by; Yet I've wondered for so long; Is that where I should belong? Oh why is there; Just a part of me; That still feels it's the right place? May...

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5. Mirrors and Masks

She's the trapeze artist; The dancer in the dark; Like a fallen angel; With the purest of all hearts; ​; Times of endless stories; Say when she was born; Was left to her luck; In the streets with no r...

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6. My Emblem Soul

I have travelled the world to find you; With this fire inside my soul; All these years of searching and fighting; All the pain through which I have gone; ​; Don't you trust in me? I will set you free;...

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7. My World

Once I heard your name; It seemed to have come from a dream; A silent whisper that; Cast a light inside me! A touch of heaven; From this white dove fantasy; And all I've wanted; Is this to feel and; M...

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8. The Story Goes On

Life, where the water speaks of love; Like a flower reborn; When the rain falls on the leaves; And the sky grows cold; But it covers all the sun; It'll make us feel like one; As you slip into my mind;...

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9. This Is Me

There's a reason why I say; The things I say; There's a reason why I act; And feel this way; ​; Not one truth was ever free; To understand someone like me; You'd have to look beyond; What you thought ...

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