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1. 30 Pieces Of Silver

What have they done to you; Sold you out for gain; Abused the trust; They even stole your name; Never counting cost; In the betrayal; You must be turning in your grave; Bright shooting star; Flying so...

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2. Bad Times

I've been walking in the rain; Trying to work out where I am; A thousand reasons in my mind; Why I should walk away this time; Is it down to me, down to you; Who'll be the first to make a move; You've...

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3. Bet You Wish

Never done nothing, ain't never been nowhere; Ain't never seen a goddamn thing; Guitar hero, el sincero; So convinced the phone will ring; Man of the moment ' like little boy blue; He's gonna beat roc...

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4. Can't Take The Hurt

There's evil in your eyes; I can see the signs; Waiting for a chance to strike; What is it I have done? You used to be such fun; Now all you do is kick and bite; Can't take the hurt any more; This lov...

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5. Dark Star

Made in heaven, or so we thought, you and I; A love pre-destined, so strong it never could die; The raging waters were so still at the start; For just a moment, we were caught in the spark; With both ...

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6. Fatman

They say that inside every thin man; A fat man's trying to break free; And now you gotta keep him in, man; Or you'll get treated like a freak; But it ain't none of their damn business; After all, what...

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7. Home From The Storm

One day I'll write the story; One day I'll tell the truth; The Power and the Glory; The good times and the blues; One day when I get older; When all is memories; When life is getting colder; And all t...

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8. Long Time Coming

I've been too long in this crazy world; To worry what people think; Listen to lies, wherefores and whys; They're all gonna laugh when you sink; Gonna kiss of all my so called friends; Using me up 'til...

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9. None But The Brave

Ain't no way it's all over; It's only just begun; You can't give up on freedom; Let the bastards grind you down; You can rise above them; Reach up to the stars tonight... tonight; They got you on a ti...

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