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1. A Time Of Eternal Darkness

Each time I close my eyes. They run at me. Eyes empty; Screaming; In many ways I am responsible. ; The adrenalin courses through my veins; As I drive deeper into the tortured; Souls of the innocent. D...

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2. Enshrouded By Solitude

Entombed by the graven sky I lay; Reflecting within - of deepest emptiness; Enshrouded by solitude; And endless shades of grey; Isolation, the only comfort; As the shadows grow ever closer; Only sorro...

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3. The Leaden Sky Torn

Cold desolate winds howl; As the rain strikes my flesh alike the blade; The leaden sky torn; Fractured by autumn decay; The dead leaves wept so silently; All words - empty, unspoken; Drowning within t...

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4. Within The Crimson Tide

Alone I wonder, toward the unknown; Lost / cast inwards to the void; Endless thorns upon my mind; Torn / forever plagued by this torment within; Cold skeletal branches sway; The fall of leaves lost to...

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