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1. N The Bay

It's that W-E-S-T, T-W-O-M-P; Represent and I'll pretend; That W double O-D-I-E; That took the Y-O-C up out of East Co. Co. And let it be known; That there's some major shit; Crakin' off in the deep E...

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2. The Way You Feel

Tonight we blaze, Drop fade on the dank in the bay all day, maintain, Maryjane keep fazing the haze, Hit the jay always, i stay on swade,got no shame, And i wont change,cuz you cant tame game, Plus we...

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3. Yoc Influenced

I sling my nuts over my shoulder [shoulder]; Discharge like a solider; enemies fall to the back from the impact; of a tre five sev (357 ) revolver; W double O-D-I-E it's me; I be that one and only; So...

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