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1. Eternally

Eternally; When the night comes; The day we surrender; You can find me eternally; When the dreams come; A shield to defend us; We drive ourselves to eternity; You can find in your dreams; You can find...

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2. Follow Me

Follow Me; If you don't loose your head; When the others loose their heads; If you can make your dreams come true; But you're not a slave to them; Watch the line and follow it; Step by step straight t...

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3. Follow The End

Follow the End; Many questions on myself; Many answers without the end; Many shelters in my dreams; Many existences we've got to live; Many questions on who's God; Many answers but no one is mine; So ...

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4. Here I Am

Searching to find the thread of my life; I come back to the time, I would kill for a knife; And it's time I know to try, to cancel all the crimes; That I've done and I'll make it; ; All that was kind,...

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5. Last Time My Memory

Last Time My Memory; They gave me time; To know me; They spent their time; To blame me; Now, they see me through iron bars; All their lives always "the beat"; I promised them; I'd change me; They laug...

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6. No Resurrection

No resurrection; Can find with no reaction; Is inside you; Inside you deep; inside you see; ; Many times restrain my crying; (But now I show the deed); I decide to change my life; (And break the plans...

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7. Nothing New

Is it for yourself, the way you talk...? Explanations where never found; And it's so untrue, all you say when we're alone; I couldn't be like you... I never tried... I never would...! REFRÃO; Change y...

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8. Nothing's Left To Say

I feel your worry; I read your mind; Won't be sorry; If you'll stay on your side; I gave you sorrow; You were so kind; I keep on wishing; Please don't dispel your time; My hands are shaking; Eyes full...

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9. Raise Your Wings

Raise Your Wings; You thought you'd never fall in love; You closed your heart with double lock; And than I came and made it true; You've lost all hope to find a way; To start again you'd never guessed...

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10. The Call of the Dawn

The Call of the Dawn; The light behind the door; Awakes my painful thoughts; His tentacles of gold; Caress my instant love; A sleepless night is gone; Leave me without the force; New sap of vital hope...

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11. The Promise

The Promise; I can remember that day of November; He's gone away and he left you in sorrow; I was s poor boy without a conscience; You took my hand and embraced me so strong; Bridge:; Remember the pro...

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12. Winter Silence

Winter Silence; Delight - watching the sea calm; Under the rain fall - surprise; Surprise - people have done away; Closing their deck-chairs; I come to stay; Defend - my simple existence; My silent di...

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