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1. In Your Arms

[Kasey ]; Just about in time; Someone catch my breath, I'm falling; Out of every sky; Into you're embrace in silence; Lying in your arms; Feel the world is all around me; Run just like a shiver throug...

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2. Is It Just Me

[Leigh]; I could reach out and touch your face; I'm talking to you but your light years away; [Kasey]; And I keep on telling myself I'm stupid; Keep on giving you more excuses; Even though you're righ...

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3. Need You Now

[Kasey]; Picture perfect memories, Scattered all around the floor. Reaching for the phone 'cause; I can't fight it anymore. [Jodi]; And I wonder if I ever cross your mind; For me it happens all the ti...

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4. Not a Love Song

-Kasey-; No I don't wanna get it right; I don't wanna think about the way I feel tomorrow tonight; Words only complicate my head; Really wanna use your mouth why don't you kiss me instead? -Jodi-; Let...

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5. Nothing Moves Me Anymore

Nothing moves me anymore; I'm as cold as a stone; I was flesh and blood before; Now I'm only skin and bone; There are no signs of life; I've never felt this empty before; (Yea, I-yea, I-yea, I-yea, I-...

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6. Starlight

[Corrina]; Starlight you are bright; I'm alone tonight; And you're shining down upon me; Like you know. ; [Leigh]; Do you see me standing here; With a heart full of fear; [Leigh & Sharon]; Will you le...

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7. Time Has Run Out

I know there's nothing left; I must be strong; Is this our last embrace; Can we hold on? Never said it would last forever; Did we really think this could be; CHORUS; Time has run out; Goodbye's here n...

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