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1. Cold

I like the winter snow outside; when it beggin I go to trought the night; I feel the rain falling in my hair; the coldness on my heart; freezing; ; I am cold when I am in the dark; I will hold you in ...

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2. Eternal Hurt

Eyes that show the fears; that make you suffer; erasing your senses; your silente scream; will never be heard; ; like a bird with a broken wing; that will never reach the heights; hoping that time wil...

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3. Fences of Metropolis

They will never be; What do you want to be; All they have here; Are the walls of society; there will be no history; They may never see; The Green and Blue; outside the fences of the metropolis; outsid...

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4. Final

When the stars hit the ground; and the world starts to fall; in the dark of night; reach my arms; When the sun burning the sky; and the ice fill the ocean; and the end is near to come; just wanna hold...

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5. Future from the past

Change your Actions; And which is now; Uncross your arms; Move your hands; The future from the past; We may lament the present facts; Or celebrate the good moments; But it always depends on our choice...

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6. Little Angel

He seems to be sleeping; On sand; The sea touches his hair; And his body lifeless; He can not breathe; A wasted life; A future lost to a child; They drowned his dreams; Sleeps little angel; They can t...

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7. Pictures

On the wall; of my room; many pictures of you; image reminds me of; when we were young; and all our mornings; neither cold, nor heat; no problem changing your mood; you had an inner beauty; I never th...

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8. Shadows

Ever Nigth When I Sleep; Feel The Pain Inside Of Me; Time Goes By Sleep Is Coming; There Is A Shadow Noting; ; In The Dark I Hear And See; Feel But I Can Not Move Me; Trapped Externally; For The Evil ...

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9. Soldier

I see you fight as in medieval times; I see your light shine; every time you win; your burning spirit; and its power transcends space; I've seen this before; Do you remember? your sword and your army;...

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10. Sonhos Mortos

Fechei meus olhos para o mundo; Em meu leito mergulhei no sono profundo; Tudo agora descansa e dorme; No vazio da minha mente a dor não me consome; Em minhas pálidas faces; Amargas lágrimas de sangue;...

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