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1. Blood Soaked Visions

Bloodsoaked Visions; Tortured sould; Everynight a family is slaughterd in their home; Young woman raped; Mouth has been taped; Silenced Screams; All the shattered dreams; The suffering has begun; But ...

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2. In Your Blood

In Your Blood; Mummified with your insides Gouging out my third eye; Fall down and grab your throat In your blood, Revalations were wrote; Gore splattered upon the wall; Just like the others, I let yo...

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3. Shut Up Cunt

Standing outside your window; Everynight when you come home; I'm there... WATCHING!!!! I know things about you! Things you don't want others to know! You let me inside your home; Striped off all your ...

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4. Why Did You Make Me Rape You?

You; Made; Me; Do it; To you; We drove to the mountains; You liked it rough; But it went to far; She started kissing, and touching him all over; He put it in, she begged him to go slower; He smacked h...

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5. Womb Of Doom

Unaware child, safe inside; Unknowing, she'll soon die; Moter Dead! Now aborted! Life removed, from dead flesh; This life, soon will be dead; Stomach slaushed, and raided; Fetus brutally awakened; Dea...

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6. Zombie Disease

Corpses have risen, seeking food; Total devistation, Human annihilation; The dead are no longer in the ground; Hear the screams the doomsday sounds; Festering sores, exploding puss; Innards eaten, man...

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