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1. Almost Four

Into the night again; I'm racing to your door; it's been too long you said; when you held me on the floor; these thoughts are all I have of you; of you; when I'm home for holidays; I'll waste myself a...

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2. Beautybird

I am counting backwards. I'm still in love with the flesh and the fears. But I'm trying to catch up to the moon that still sinks to the deep of the sea every night. Oh, who am I now? All of my heart i...

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3. Blueberry Waves

Beware. The stars are cursing every step you take from me. And I'm scared but I'm convinced that I was made to face what you never did. To move along I won't be back until I'm done. ; If you can't fin...

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4. Crystal Skulls

Sink to me, my love to be; We’re growing old alone; Stand against the starry fence; That keeps us from your home; You and I, we’re lost in time tonight; Maybe in another life; We will find our way bac...

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5. Leave This Place

Leave this place again with pockets full of regrets. I'm not sure where the time went but I feel spent from chasing sunsets. I watch the cigarette burn itself until it's dead. Oh, maybe it knows somet...

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6. Moodie Forester

someday i will try my best to hang on; to falling raindrops; that melt into the window streams; i hope in time i'll break through all my pointless layers; and be able; to feel the sun sink through my ...

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7. Ms. Luna Grim

Wait out on the sand, Until the moonlight holds your hands. There you'll fall in love, You'll never have to run again. ; I can't get enough of this feeling, Of believing that I'll be the one. I'll be ...

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8. Neon Sky

what does it take to find peace in the night and safely wake up new? I'm waging war against myself and the moon in lieu of loving you; lately this world is calm; I'll try my best to live through this ...

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9. One

I don't know the name of a single place I've been; All that comes to mind are the pointless songs I sing; And even though I'm not the man I once planned to be; I'll just drink this wine and put myself...

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10. Safe

Many years ago when I had someone to hold my heart sang. Slow me down I'm still chasing sprits spinning around wide open spaces. Oh, who will save me now? Sleep for now, let it pass. Someday maybe I w...

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11. Steps

Rest these eyes of mine there tired; From watching loved ones break a part; I tried to count the blessings but they'll never see this place anyways; Burn these walls if that's the only way to change; ...

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12. Stones

Somewhere in the distant past; I saw a latch; And in your soul; It flickered on; And now it's off again; I've memorized the day; When you were; Skipping stones across the sea; And you carried me back ...

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13. Sugar Skulls

We are blessed. I am cursed. I'm staying in the dark and drinking from my heart. And I, I'm feeling blessed but something in the air will drive me to the start. ; It's the same things, the same things...

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14. The Forces It Is

Oh love, I heard on the news that the world would be ending real soon, real soon; so I, I wanted to see if you'd sit with me and watch it all burn away; Don't mind the silence, everything's, everythin...

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15. Three

I don't care if you don't listen. Cause I found a love in my pathetic sense. We kiss twice a day right on the lips, oh. I know it's not much but yeah it's all I need. ; And it's good to know that you ...

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16. Two

On your birthday I was afraid that he'd run away. Leave us with no money to buy candles and cake for you. I was so afraid. I was so afraid. ; In November, he built a fence in pouring down rain. That n...

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17. Uglybird

Shine like city lights, city lights burning bright; learn, learn to love what you hate better now; take your time when you come home; no one's here, no one's here; no one's here for you; no one's here...

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18. While Walking

Saturdays an empty space that city streets consumed every night. A strangers face is scared to death walking far past all the street lights. Light a smoke and look away, there's something to ignore in...

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