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Letra da Música Breath Of The Troll de WolfSword

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Stains of blood upon their teeth
Crushing bones beneath their feet
Human flesh on which they feast
Rabid mouths foaming with decay

Rise, from the mountains come
Hide not from the light
Come forth from the darkness
Feast upon manflesh

Through the fog and mists they roam
Onwards to devour their prey
Marauding creatures spread pain
Nought but ruins lie in their wake
Villages turned to dust
Cities lain to waste
All behind their barren
Scorched lifeless wasteland

As the trolls march forward
Consuming all in their path
Now is the age of the troll
Guardians of the deepest abyss

As I see them approach the castle walls
Fear touches my mind
My doom is decided
But still I face them
With courage and bloody steel
The last thing I will ever feel
The rancid breath of the troll

Now is the age of the Troll

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Número de Palavras 119
Número de Letras 783
Intérprete WolfSword

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