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1. Bonnie Ship The Diamond

Oh the Diamond is a ship me lads, for the Davis strait she's bound And the key it is all garnished wae bonnie lassies round; Captain Thompson gees the orders, to sail the ocean wide; Where the sun it ...

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2. Brave Boys

Dance upon a blue day boys; The Machair flowers are white; Run across the golden sands; Just like the Rodal tide; Let Winter pass unnoticed boys; The warm rain of the Gael; Has fallen like a tide toda...

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3. Crowfeathers

Over lines by the ways o’ man; Stalk the birdie biker clan; Where the rooks and the hoodies fed; On a feast of MacAdam’s dead; He’s a speaker o’ tongues; He’s a dweller o’ the lums; And down Broomiela...

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4. He's A Black Dog

It's plain to see we're no Jack and Jill; You just want to hide away inside that pill; It's a matter of what you take not what you give; My friend says you live to run and run to live; Chorus... He's ...

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5. Heart And Soul

It's in the rhythm of a dancer; And every standard flag unfurled; It's in the bride's eternal answer; And every child across the world; Chorus:; Heart and soul; Heart and soul; It's in the rhythm of t...

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6. Let Them Sing

(Ivan Drever); Written by way of a celebration for music and dance. Watching my seven year old; daughter's enjoyment of both never ceases to amaze me. Let me dive into a river of songs; Let them rest ...

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7. No Tie Ups

Fishermen don't put your boats; out to sea there's a storm on the rise. The tide's on the turn and the wind's come; away there's turmoil ahead in the sky; it could be a day or a week or an; age as we ...

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8. Reluctant Journey

(Wayne Mackenzie); "Not another protest song about our pitiful past," I hear you cry. Well hopefully, there's a; different slant to this one. Anyway, you can make your own mind up on that one. Familia...

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9. Tall Ships

They used to make them tall; Now there are no shipyards here at all; They used to dig for coal here; They used to scrape and crawl; Now there are no coalfields here at all; Chorus:; Steelmen miners sh...

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10. The Braes Of Sutherland

Farewell you braes o' Sutherland, I'll ne'er see you no more; For I must take a strangers pat h; and leave my native shore; My friends and my acquaintances; I'll give you now my hand; For I will ne'er...

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11. The Brave Foot Soilders

I once had a dream where no-one; had to walk two hundred miles; I once said it would not happen anymore; From the borders to the northlands; of this land we call our own; Surely this is something wort...

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12. The Sea King

Come shout come sing; of the great sea king; and the fame; that now hangs overhead; who once did sweep for the vanquish deep; and drove the world before him; (Chorus); Where the sea king king rides; w...

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13. This Girl

(Ivan Drever); This one is for Diana, wherever she may be. It's strange the people we meet who we never see again! There was this girl, slept on my floor; Diana was her name, she said I'm cold and ver...

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14. This Strange Place

(Ivan Drever); Written for and about some of the people who have passed through (and in some cases; still reside) at number fifteen, a secret location somewhere in Inverness. Beware you may; end up th...

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15. Till I Sleep

(Ivan Drever); There's not really a story to this one, however, if you like it, it's for you! I'll walk this way until I sleep; I'll ride this road until I die; I'd take you with me if you'd come; It'...

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16. White Gown

You can burn me if you want; to but I won't feel a flame; You can taunt me with your words; but I won't feel ashamed; You can burn your crosses down; until the morning light; You can burn out my brown...

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17. Wild And Free

Four of Govan's finest, threw us into Maine; Presenter's, stars and rosary; We were nothing but shipwrecked, The hungry heirs of hardship; They were calling us the Wild and the Free. ; Chorus... And I...

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