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1. 6th and 34th

It's the 25th hour now; We know we never have enough; I got a ticket to the light show I; Paint it red just for you; Look at the sky and say hello; We are the youngest we will ever be; Celebrating at ...

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2. Chaos

Keep getting stuck though I'm standing in place; Where the light creeps in; but the shadow erase any trace of the glow; So I found my peace with the darkness here; But still I dream with the beams; ra...

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3. Comes My Way

We fight; Survival of the fittest; For her love; She wears beauty like her dresses; Tunnel vision; Arhythmic oscillation; Who am I; I feel a crisis come my way; Staring down these eyes, victim by desi...

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4. Dare You

Are we together or alone? You're on your phone; Selling all the secrets you know; But I can give you my number; I'll be your digital love; Baby don't you know that; You don't want nobody else, no; You...

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5. Long Goodbye

I'm sorry that I'm lost inside my tongue; and words keep coming out; I keep falling out; Tell me now tell me now; Should I hide from you; Forgive me love; My feet won't stop coming back; Forgive me lo...

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6. Lung Tied

Have you seen her around? Green eyes red lips; She's an Emp, always killing machines; (always killing machines); She shut me off; My iron lung; Exhale impaled by an arrow with a heart; (arrow with a h...

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