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1. Dark Dance

It´s raining, an old moonchild has gone; The throne was made for the dark whisper; Wild soul lives with no hope; Final night is the dream of the end; No...I shall loose; Darkness flows over my heart.....

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2. Frozen Dreams

In the dark and the cold where the sun had died and all light forever gone; I can see their souls are screaming for frost at the altar of north; With the glow of the north, with that taste of their bl...

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3. Golden Tears

A scream from the past, the story of the truth (of the truth); It came from the frost of my mind; The breath in the dark, oh my heart is burning (burning so hot); Dark eyes are burning, I wake up with...

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4. Into The Valley Of Frost

Like an old eagle I fly... Into my nest of immortals; In the valley of frost, In the land of the icestorms; The nightbird has taken my true mine... ; I'm the son of Auroral... ; My true mine... I'm th...

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5. Nightburnt

"The night, this night of hate; I´ll raise my sword for the darkened hatred mind"; So tired I´m drowning in the dark; Once depressed and silenced by the mind of hatred; Then I got the power of hate......

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6. Northgate

"The darkened sky, Stars of the north; Thunder with the icy storm; Frost, and wind... I´m home; At the northgate"; I feel the wind...oh, it comes with frost; The trees have lost their souls; Darkness ...

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7. The Hands Of The Moon

The winterstorm inside my darkened mind blows out the fire; The immortal flames with the northern will of the night; Three shadows of silent wings fades to the landscape of frost; Cold stare of the mo...

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8. The Wilds

Wandering in the land of the ancient winds; I see the shadows burning the frozen land beyond; Chorus:; The journey over the frozen hills; Wandering by the darkened instinct of mind; One frozen swanswa...

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