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1. Akhenaton

Unborn man, sent from the stars; Or was he fated to leave his brand? But through the ages so far; The legacy still remains; One that should never rule; A preacher of the truth untold; Heretic king cal...

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2. Albatreux

Can't loose this weight; My mind won't mend; You may think I'm all bliss; But none of you know me; Inside my anger tomb; Hate is spreading inside of me; And can't find a way out of here; I lose all my...

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3. Deathjester

Restless scared eyes hold; No self-security; Even knowing the plunger; Keeps shattering; They just seem to surrender again; Instead of fighting back; They'll let failure have 'em; Dancing lonely aroun...

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4. Freewilly

In the confines of a hollow heart; Lies a giant of stone; That never falls apart; Carrying the wrath that crushes every baulk; He became the guide of his own squawk; Walking alone through the void; Ju...

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5. Grow Some Balls

I'm said to be the pimp's snitch; My protection always festers your fun; Your paths diverge and you cannot; Uncouple from that same old circle; The circles you scribble on; Every damn straight route y...

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6. Misanthrope

I despise your disrespect; I refuse your hidebound resolutions; And to keep a flawless patience; While you belch narrow conceptions; Sometimes a loosen rein; When bad dog; A tighter halter; A boar dis...

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7. Thrashin' a Cake

I'm not a savior; I'm not a conquerer; I cannot mend cracked walls; I'm nothing but me; A melting despair; Over all the repeating dross; That surrounds me; So much to say, so much to hold; Wedged at t...

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8. Time Is a Lie

(there are no more questions; There's no one to fade, nobody to smile); What if birds' wings; Couldn't fly? What if the end's not the sky? Why do all nights have to die? What if the days had no light?...

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9. White Horse

Before my eyes; I was torn; By death's blade; On my knees I bawled; For a lord whose reign; Was shielded by my fists; As red ran black; That fresh scar showed me; That this was my end; Left unanswered...

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10. You're Nothing

I've never had this faith for union; Where sincerity is made unreal; The same bones that once held flesh; Compose the skeletons of bouncing souls; Nothing resists, nothing is strong; Where once breath...

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