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1. A Drop In The Ocean

After a long journey i got a land again; There is not it was before; There's only desolated house and ranch; Regain the vibrancy under the sun; My lonesome heart keeps beating hard; It's time to shout...

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2. Firestorm

Eastern sky is blood red; Noise of steel; blast away; wakes up descendants of our tyrant. No!! For the olden cursed desire; Forever we're the vipers; Theocracy revived after all; You are going without...

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3. Sun In The Night

Silent Wind through in the back; How long must I hover on the; Someone's controlling so dark, cold maze; If I can see the blighting sun; Then only go on the masters leading; But no one catch a thin, l...

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4. The Call From The Unknown

Far so far away; I'll be back to the faerie; The wise falls into the night; Eyes were closed in the darkness; You won't know what's behind; Sing as canaries do; In the woods where hobbits are crying; ...

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5. The Circle Of Fate

Gaze at the evening star; I'll hand you into dark and cold; There's no way to follow, nowhere to go; Welcome to my land where time stands still; Ready for the storm; To avoid old sores bleeding; I can...

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6. Through The Wilderness

Back to shadow, I fear again; And I miss my light; (into the dark side of life); night creeping, sight taken; Sun never rises? From the desert, across the sea; But I can't find out; (find out where my...

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7. Unholy Believers

They walk in a morning mist; And they go to church; In the mirror, your color painted by yourself; Oh, it turns into mystery; Holding the episode; (never seen); Noise you made drives me mad; You won't...

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8. Wings Of Time

Ancient virtue decayed; God's fallen to find avarice; A piper who's deaf; A storyteller who's dumb; Now we're the watchers who's blind; Merchants counts their shiny gold; A wicked vector shows you the...

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