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1. Gracefully

Will blue times go the way of feelings; As always they have left me; Sitting alone with myself; And all my; Haunting memories; Sorting through my problems; And to break down by degrees; Time to put th...

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2. More

Guess I have to go; It always seemed so easy to me; Come to say goodbye; I left a summer day; Fading fast; Into this flawed reflection I see; The fear of losing; The fear I’ll never leave this place; ...

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3. Remember Me

We’ve said so many things; Hurt we can’t take back; And it’s cold living with regret; You simply didn’t seem to understand; And I wish that you could see the way I do; I wonder what you’d say; And whe...

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4. Step Beyond

I’m pleading mercy for this; Errant Son; His life half begun and he still isn’t learning; Maybe he’s dazzled by these crazy dreams; And useless delusions; Always running a step beyond; From the realm ...

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5. The Embrace

sometimes wonder if I’ll be remembered; For what I’ve done; After I’m gone; I really only ever wanted to do what was right; Not just for myself; But for everyone involved in this; I sometimes think I’...

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6. To The End

Silent watching; Waiting for the right time to arrive; And with a move like lightning; Steal you from the spotlight; Never act and many feel that it’s a sure sign of weakness; We’ve had our share of m...

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7. Turning Pages

Hope is the candle; To lead them through the deep inferno; Help me father; To make these words a picture of the thing; And to earn the praises they sing; Time flies on by; And I feel so detached from ...

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