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1. Beautiful Son

And we head out to the highway; The hurt will find us anyway; We go deep into the desert; Seeking shelter from the world; When you're in my arms; Everything's a little bit easier; And we're still out ...

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2. Blue Bird

Dark like the deepest ocean; The moon kissed the sky without warning; Far from free; But the night is a friend to me; Bluebird I thought I heard you sing your song; Should I sing along? Bright like th...

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3. Moving On Backwards

Keep my eyes shut, and we; Are moving backwards; And that I owe, anyway. But when I wake up, Drifting forward; Smoke the weekend away. ; Images of fire; Sail away while your still sane; And cards and ...

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4. Without Gravity

I can feel your breath; So soft against my neck, and; I can hear your voice; Without understanding a word; I’m not pretending that I; That I didn’t hear; I’m just so lost in you; You know that I have;...

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