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1. Daimonion

My mind's remains come to life again; While ny sould awakes from my sence's Night; But at once another dark's spreading around... To feel if I were a dead...in Hell... Cold and wet floor under my sole...

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2. In The Garden

Long ago died silent lips; Ghosts of lovely words, tears; of a never-ending hollow-life; Jewels of the deadly Nights; Memories have been lost in time; Like my fate, my soul-the faithless mind; Fever-g...

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3. Pit And Pendulum

In the darkness of Time, in the name of God; Truth dies in the dying shout, Crying kisses or killer's hands; And the glory grows on glorious heads... This is the truth of their God;; This is the death...

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4. Talamasca

From that crazy night; I never forget my love; Before he pile of logs, She stood like unconscious ghost; A last scream from the stake; Her mother was burnt, she heard; The crowd... ; I took her far aw...

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5. The Violin Of Erich Zann

I remember the Night; That sight's still inside; On old men's streets; Ghosts of never beens; Voices of the Violin; Cried for many Nights; Flames of the mind; Hunted evil kinds; [Chorus]; The Violin c...

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6. Weird Places

The Night surrounds and closes inside... The woods' silence cries in my mind; And a little light appears on the long dark road... ; Black trees around-standing like heroes; Old witnesses of untold tho...

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