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1. Behold

Behold; Virtual thoughts of insanity from emotional chaos; This lonely life you are roaming in won't let you; Feed your emotions with joy, a lesson learned in life; Behold what you had, behold what yo...

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2. Face Down

Face Down; Why can't you see, this ain't meant to be; The world falls down, no time left; Eye for an eye, they slowly wipes it out; Tooth for a tooth, welcome down; You've reached the point of no retu...

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3. Feeble And Weak

Feeble And Weak; Come on taste my anger, built of my shell of pain; Be strong, you're the saviour, rape of a broken soul; You will heal my wounds as I make your trust collapse; No more telling the wor...

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4. God In Silence

God In Silence; Bound to serve the brick on your chest; You watch it grow 'til you burst into dust; Sadistic thoughts of what you should be; Be chosen, be special, a human god; .....you will be the on...

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5. Injection

Injection; Abused by perfection, choked on expected ideals; A new world, a new disorder, through the boundries we'll walk; Devastated! Fall down to gain perspective, to see the light; Severe, drained ...

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6. Lost In Solitude

As i walk through the mists of life, drowned by the things i behold; Struggle to find what lies within, like the stories i've been told; Ruined lives, ruined futures, fallen hopes, fallen dreams; As t...

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7. Remains Of A Shattered Illusion

Remains Of A Shattered Illusion; The remains of a shattered illusion twisted forms implanted inside; Forcefed and emotionally devastated you silently faded away; Put under strict control as this self-...

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8. Sacred Lies

Sacred Lies; Reborn, to have the will to kill, to search the highest ground, for penetrating carnage; In the absence of light, I stand tall to feel, resurrection from above; Brought down beaten up, wi...

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9. Silently Leaving

Silently Leaving; This world of, confusion, suffocates our greatest dreams; Feeding the disease, silently leaving, this behind; Searching, the towers, for the colours of the world; Feeding the disease...

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10. Things

Things; As the rain keeps pouring down, everything's so sad and cold; Learning to live with it all, learning to live with it all; Sometimes it seemes like it all stands still; Sometimes it feels like,...

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