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1. Anger and Sorrow

I was there, in that time, with my anger; Many words, from my jaws, which were painful; Why did I say? Why did I shout at you? You were there, and you cried 'cause of my words; And your eyes, and your...

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2. Elegy of Doom

Every day when the burning sun goes down; I feel that something comes to me; Reflection in the mirror of life, we'll suffer in agony; Under the wings of a dragon we follow hate; We care about nothing ...

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3. Emptiness of Night

Empty hearts of dreaming; The last sacrifice was done; Out of suns I'm burning; Who will take our life and souls? See your eyes already; They never were alive; Please hold me and will survive; Have yo...

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4. Judgement Day

What is wrong? What is right? Where is the sense of our lives? In this world of sin and darkness; I stand on the streets and look around; Illusions screen our sight; Wait in the hall without a doorway...

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5. Love Is Blind

I lived in empty space, without meaning, without grace; Disappointed from reality; Death looked to be the last chance; To escape from my past; From solitude and destiny; At last I saw her face; And sh...

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6. Road To The Paradise

I feel such pain, in my heart and in my soul; Tell me a prayer; I'll leave memories alone; Silence whispers in the rain; Can I put it all away? Into your hands; Yes, you are here while I cry; I will d...

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7. Silent Desire

As early as you were born, already you opened the door; When you entered the world, what could you see? Abandoned desire in the heart; let your spirit find the last part; You know you have to understa...

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8. The Last Drop of Blood

In the name of peace I've come to this land; but instead I have killed the innocent; This could not be explained again; reproaches remain in my mind, how long? A stranger's body lying on the ground; I...

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