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1. Bloodshot Life

He drinks his whiskey and his coffee black, Days away from a heart attack; He knows; He's not getting younger; Haunted by his dreams off track, Smoke a cigarette and push 'em back, He knows... The day...

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2. Change For You

back up on the count of three; i'm picking up the pieces; had dirt on my feet before; but i will not let this brutal world hold me down; wont waste another day; got this life ahead of me as long as yo...

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3. Common Ground

it's been pushed in our face since we were young; they'll give you a pilll but dont swallow your tongue; and you never noticed coming straight at you; cause your peripheral blind is your closed mind v...

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4. Don't Walk Away

Temptation covers me, I find the energy again; This pain you can't set free, Cleaned deep from blood stain on your hands; Dig deep for enemies, a hard truth for those you haven't met; Cold hearts brin...

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5. Favourite Sin

My heart beats fast again, Only seems to fly when you're around. You seem to cycle a smile that; Builds me all up and brings me down. ; My blood runs through my veins; And dolphin-caged companion. I'l...

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6. Hero

So you've been waiting all these days and nights; For your savior to arrive; You've got no reasons and you've got no rhymes but, I see the pain in your eyes; I see you crying on the floor; Don't leave...

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7. Hold

Tonight I’ll be dreaming home alone in my bed; I do my best thinking when I’m all by myself; Wonder where you are now and if you’re feeling the same; And if you got the letter that I sent yesterday; W...

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8. Let It Out

Been temperamental forward; Towards the life you've chosen; Never thought about the ride; Going down your road; I can't afford to mention; Cus you never pay attention; Someday I will have a clue; What...

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9. Missed Out

I know that is scary the fact you'll never know how short life really is; I thank you for carrying memories never lost; Just know that we will meet again; When you think of me, just know I made it hom...

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10. While You Were Gone

Beside you i'd rather lay; Just to find myself here counting days; Since you've been gone; I'd say things just are the same; you've gone and taken a part of me; I can still smell you in my room; Altho...

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11. Your Mistake

This life I don't regret; Your world's not making sense; I'm gonna write down everything that I wanted to tell you; You act funny and I know why; I think you live a lie; Give up everything that's gonn...

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