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1. As I Drown

Now it's the time for me too see; What's it like to be free; I'll take one last deep breath; And descend to my cold eternal sleep; Pull me down, wake me up; Let me choke, for the crown; See me rise, f...

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2. Cardiomyopathy

Why do you hesitate to spill your own blood; When this will save you from yourself; Would you rather become another slave; Or would you rather fly away? This pillars of hatred are now to strong; The f...

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3. Demise

How can you be; So plain and simple; Can't you see; This is all an illusion; Everything that revolves; Around us; Can't you see; This foul; Revolting; Agony; Oh my God; What have you become; But does ...

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4. God Of The Soulless

Better days will come he says; Just follow my divine ways; Your life trapped enslaved by God; You're just a puppet made of flesh and blood; You 'll wash your hands in your own blood; You 'll be forgiv...

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5. King Of Serpents

The venom spreads through me; Can't feel my heartbeat; My limbs are cold; I cannot breathe; Yet somehow I've embraced where others met the end; My soul is reignited my body resurrects; A lifeless shad...

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6. Martyrs (Of The Wendigo)

I have awoken; The cunning mischief and corruption; Famine feeds the starving soul; The purest flesh decayed and withering; Shows off dried skin and bone; It's downcast bloodshot eyes; Direct the gaze...

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7. The Price Of Heresy

No more painful words will you hear from my mouth; My heart is silenced forbidden to shout; Take my hand and let me lead you to your grave; Forget your loved and remove every memories; of them from yo...

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8. This Misery

Why must I carry; This burden in my chest; It fills my mind; With sentiments; Memories that blur my mind; I don't need this; For the brightest soul; Gives no heat; Gives no beat; Cut me now; Set me fr...

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