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1. False Emotion Strain

The mechanics of monotony, a perfected science slowly killing man; Slowly killing my will to live, I can hear nothing at all; walking in place nonprogression, swimming in the seas of failure; Life lea...

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2. From Whence The Flesh We Conquer

Look from the bliss faith once created, in an enigma of ominous inessece, that which nest in thy soul, lest it burn with the first eclipse, iniquitous vernal equinox; the xul knows many passages. His ...

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3. I Am Despair

Inexorable fury, a stir by the fall of day; "and the dawn cast a cruel shadow"; what birth in savage form, abomination scorned with bloodlust "quenched beneath a bleeding moon, the ever unseen torment...

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4. Remains Of Unfruitful Existence

What with one hand spinning lies the other feeds on deception; Our young ensure the inevitable; A thousand eyes watch helpless, the morals spit upon our open arms; Black cover all, the ground opens; t...

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