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1. Burned At Both Ends

Well, either keep me entertained or keep out of my way; I'm sitting here imagining you in a million different situations; And I have the worst intentions; I'm sorry to be so brash; But I'm a little to...

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2. Corporate Ladder Match

Stuck in this dim lit hell hole from 9 to 5; Chasing my dreams to survive; I'm sure to you this seems like just a fantasy; Some might say that I woke up; On the wrong side of the bed; I'd rather feel ...

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3. Don't Catch A Brick

This girl just turned another bottle upside down; She'll point a finger at her father who was never around; Replaced her heart and passion; Now she's all nicotine and fashion; We hate to admit, looks ...

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4. Keep It Going

So tell me what is your favorite new excuse? Think you're shipwrecked in suburbia; But is there concrete in your shoes? No! When I heard Jay say "ya can't knock the hustle"; its just the victory withi...

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5. Never Stop

Pass the buck when you point the blame, Another year but it's still the same. Eventually you'll see the reason for your misery. Claim a sad song of desperation, And try to sell it in a conversation, A...

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6. Slizzard Crossing (you're Doing It Wrong)

So let's score one more for Ms. Overrated, Overdressed; Regardless of the scene and it burns her up we're not impressed; By this self appointed queen; Fake eye lashes and jet black hair; Now she's sea...

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7. Stick And Move

I just need you to know that; Everything I said tonight was practiced in my room; Not twenty minutes before I saw you; In that red dress that you wore so well; But your motives become transparent and ...

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8. Thrill Your Idols

I'm not sure if it happened overnight; But when I woke up the world didn't fit me right; I keep trying to hold on; It just feels like everything's wrong; Bar the windows lock the doors; I'm not leavin...

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