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1. Anxiety Ridden

It scares me to death to think of what I have become, And what a wandering soul I have become. If I followed the beaten path instead of marching; my way through my own. ; I feel so lost in this world ...

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2. Grievances

We are the beginning and end of all creation. Our fight is the struggle of man. Destined to always fail; we search for this form of clarity. Hoping that this life has any purpose. This is the end.

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3. King Of Frauds

How long do you have to live a lie before; You've convinced everyone that it's true? Realize that what everyone sees; In you was nothing more than a wall stacked ten stories. ; Just like a myth, a fab...

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4. Our Endless Existence

Take a look around at everything; We are and everything we've become. Our innocence is lost. We were once so weak and invincible. ; Oblivious to the world around us. We are unstoppable. An army of bro...

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5. Plagued

How do we save ourselves from this misery; That we've plagued our lives with. And we've plagued ourselves. So desperate for the answers, we search for a reason to survive. ; We spend our days staring ...

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6. Self-righteous

How do you judge the ones that are carbon copies of yourself? A perfect mirror image that you look down upon so half-heartedly. You may not sin like me, but you'll still rot the same. The flaws in you...

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7. Silenced

Your hands tied. You are bound and gagged. Everything you've been told has been a lie. We?re so afraid to step outside the lines. ; Conformed to restraints of this world. We've all been asleep since t...

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8. Surroundings

I sing the blues, because that's all I've ever known. I scream to the sky but my words get lost along the way. I can't express all the hate that's led me here; And all the filth that swallows us whole...

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9. The Collapse Of Men

We?ve been lying to ourselves for so long. We truly forgot what it means to be alive. Trying so hard for a life with such little purpose. How could we ever recover? Lost in oblivion. ; Through our fai...

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10. The Human Condition

We?re staring through the eyes of a bitter soul. Constantly surrounded by this empty feeling. Never thinking; this is content. Jaded until the very end. ; I stand alone in a world that casts me aside....

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11. Walking The Straight and Narrow

We're blindfolded, centered only to survive, Concerned only with that which keeps us safe. We think nothing of the world around us, And were so entangled around what tortures us day by day. Our own sh...

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