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1. A Solid Breakdown

Being part of a plastic life between a boiling mass of anger; Empty promises served in full reinforced by lies and tiring words; Cheating ourselves with blocked ears while starring into the sun; Tryin...

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2. I Rise Above

I rise above the futile words of enimes attemps to alter to my cause; I rise above; I rise above the actions of demons attempts to destroy my spirit; I rise above; no force could change the way I feel...

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3. Last Days Of April

Autumn is gone – but won`t blur; Winter is near – degradation; Spring is not in sight; poisoned memories will never fade; tears begin to flow again her eyes are soaked and darkness chokes her lungs; t...

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4. Lifting Of The Week

why seek out the truth in a world of lies; to unmask right in wrongs disguise; to be sincere in the crowds that fall; and not to be satisfied with less than your all; lifting of the weak; starts insid...

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5. Pride Before A Fall

this idol you bow to on your knees; give the glory to a world philosophy; deny the price your God paid; put the power of God in a cage; I sense your need to justify your choice; I hear the discontentm...

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6. The Life Of Death

memories are all that's left of the way you were; you're free to change; and reach out from this world for life; empty you will find; this world to be an deverything; you will try; to fill the void of...

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7. The Neverending Road

another mile on this long way home; well, content rests in our hearts; eyes misleaded by darkness; thoughtless bliss so far away; watching raindrops beating against the windshield; driving on course, ...

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8. Thoms Compose

when I survey; the wondrous cross; on which the prince of glory died; my richest gain; i count but loss; and poor contempt on all my pride; forbid it Lord; that i should coast; save in the death of Ch...

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