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1. Archers

I kinda wanted to leave; This place I fell in between; Cause its a God damn mess; I guess I got lost in the seams; I kinda wanted to see; The places I wanna be; So let this whole thing come undone; It...

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2. Drive

We could get so far away; I look around; Lonely faces, worn down places; Do you want out; From this taste and from this town? I called you out; For you to meet me so discreetly; And we'll drive South;...

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3. Godzilla

Oh I'm knocking down these buildings; Like I'm breaking through these feelings; Stepping on the dreams in my head; And I'm feeling kinda angry; But my attitude will vary; All the things you think I mi...

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4. Gravity

Even when the tour's done; I see it in my sleep; Even when the war's won; I'll hear the distant screams; Never really wanted much; Know damn well what I need; And even with the lights out; I'll keep i...

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5. Higher

She crawled into my ear; Like a tapeworm telling me; Things I want to hear; The words escaped her mouth; With everything I should've been; "Are you all alone? "; I could be a scar; Hold me at your hea...

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6. I Will Never Wait

Button up your shirt and tie your laces; We're going out it's time to get wasted; I've had it up to here with this week; so I'm breaking all your rules; We built up a messy foundation; You looked shoc...

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7. Keeper

I need your help with all of this; I can't keep running round in circles; Is there something that I missed; I just can't just figure it out, figure it out; I keep my mind away from home; So I don't dr...

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8. London Lights

Will you call me in the late night? Underneath the black, grey sky; I'll tell you how I see you; In every single new girls eyes; And there will be the same fight; Just to keep our story alive; I'll te...

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9. Moving Boxes

These days; I’ve been nothing; But a burden; At night; While you're tossing; And you're turning; Get high on the dust; That I am breathing; Oh oh oh; One week to go; Wake up; To the absence; Of your b...

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10. Say You Will

Late nights, long drives; A streetlight sunrise; I think, I think I know; That one day, one day we'll go; And this is what we wanted; And this is what we need; And this is everything that I hoped we'd...

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11. Stand Again

Woke up again to an empty pocket scene; I can't pretend that this is where I want to be; The tide is flowing, this body's rolling into the sea; You see these bones; they're black and charred from all ...

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12. Take Me Away

Whatcha want, whatcha got? You could never find it; Never fought, never sought it; You could never guide it; Kill the time, kill your mind; You could never find truth; All along, all along; It's you, ...

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13. That Something

I don't know where you came from; You broke foundations while I’m; Falling down the middle; Crawling round a little; We shoot through constellations; Two scorpions racing; While I'm falling down the m...

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14. Tonight

And every book it reads the same; And all the pages never change; Growing tired of this same thing feeling; There's only so much to a game; Before the cards all fall the same; Sick and tired of this h...

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15. Understand

I told you I couldn't do this; Gotta be alone with these thoughts; Not for my heart but for my art; A lonely cause; I'm done with just tasting the nights that I want; Cos a taste is fine just for the ...

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16. Voldemort

I remember the first night that she said; Oh, maybe I can do this on my own; And amongst all the reassurances and reoccurrences you will not be alone; And I know that you're holding out for better wea...

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17. Waterfall

This is a calling out for you; Through the deep Pacific blue; Hear my voice eacho the waves; Pushing soundwaves out to you; Will this make it to your room; Lit by a candlelight or two? And in your swe...

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18. We'll Be Okay

Watching as the fire starts; I could be here all night; Never really wanted much; Only ever asked for flight; It could be you; It could be you; Rolling down the 101; I can feel eyes are bright; Watchi...

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