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1. Black Angel

Church of hell arises from the spell to destroy the god of light.The priests predict the arrive of the most repugnant godApocalyptic war. Demons and warrior attack by his command.Black machine and met...

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2. Black Leather Metal Damnation

Crash of war from the grave by the harlots in leather of hell. Before the dawn of Armageddon, blasting metal screaming out. Apocalyptic amps to kill'em all. Séance of witches to Christian's ban. Thras...

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3. Black Like The Night

You awake and the metal attacks, eats your mind and you reveal it. Make horrible things till your death; and will no rest for a black eternity. The hell awaits for the Satan's wrath, there's no escape...

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4. Command Of Hate

Destroy your enemies; and see their women and children cry; Put their heads on altars like a sign of victory; Chorus:; Troops of ghosts and millions of dead; in recompense for his blood sacrifice; Blo...

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5. Cry War

Profane, take the sacred; cross and turn it at your sword. Ride to the; Armageddon and wait the cry war.

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6. Dark Lord

Infernal devastation. followers of Satans` force.Sorcery, blasphemy, Fell the presence of the lordDrink the blood of the dead to be stronger than before.Gods` revenge comes to earth; we will fight in ...

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7. Dead Of The Night

The night has come to reveal the reality of pain.And to arrive to the world of the last horizon.Swallowed by the night her punishment makes me feel.In the dead of the night you can hear my last breath...

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8. Desecration Of Evil

Profane the sacred grave of the priests that are slaves. Witches fly around the graveyard and the death arise from the ground. When my ashes fly the wind and the unborn child is old. The jackal attack...

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9. Face The Evil

Face the evilHis face shows torment and hate.Into his burning eyes, watch what; future says.The victims walk in the streets with fear.Falling form heavens death and destruction. Chorus:Behind his mask...

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10. Metal War

night of doom. Fight with all.Living fast. Hair so long Feel no fear. Crush the bounds Chaos plan for battlefield; Pre-chorus:Keep on pounding battle heads.A lotta spells march with you Keep on poundi...

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11. Ripping Torment

Afraid of the ripping screams in this forgotten ways, By therestless creatures of the night dismembering the killed ones.Killing metal wolf comes walking behind your backSepulchral voice of hell. No e...

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12. Sorceress Bitch

She was born on witching hour. The evil wrath burned in her eyes.Her steps were guided by evil light. Celebrating full moon rites.Sexual rites and grotesque arts. She fucked herself with Jesus`cross,C...

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13. The Maniac

Nightly hunt for a godless warrior; Victim's blood satisfies your hungry for the dead; Satan's legate builds your weapons for to kill; There's no rest for a killer zombie pain; Chorus:; The night has ...

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14. Torment In Fire

Bloody oblation of the victims called to die; The gates of hell are open for their souls; Burning voices of fire rise from pits of hell; Unholy blasphemy to mock the god of sky; Chorus:; Feeble angels...

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15. Total Sacrifice (violent Force)

When the setting sun has stopped to shine and the nightComes down. And we see in the moon a pentagram and a Funeral fog. Witchery is all over of this town. Victim fate is toDie. Spell of Dark Lord ris...

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16. Witchtrap

Occult in the shadows of the night; Decapitating heads that doesn't bang; Possessed by the infernal sounds; And violent forces of metal war; Pre-chorus:; Die by the edge of the razor attack; Suffer be...

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