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Conheça as 10 letras de músicas de Witchkrieg cadastradas no nosso site. Clique em cada uma delas para acessar detalhes diversos.

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1. Core

can’t touch the inside; of my secret thoughts; no room for impact; from what you’re book taught; don’t buy the message; coming out of you; choose my own council; tell myself what to do; only the truth...

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2. Cowan Town

grew up suburbia; of a costal town; hot sun red dirt; always bringing me down; wearing all black; was kinda strange; reading of the cards; seen as deranged; grew up in cowan town; under a redneck sun;...

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3. Deviation

you tell me who and where and when and how I should love; you say that all your rules come from high up above; everything I want to do and be is a sin; you hold me down and chain me again and again; y...

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4. Fallen Angel

it was foretold; in another time; winter would come; hoarfrost and rime; blanket of death; swallowing your life; bringing hunger; chaos and strife; the sky turns red; and angels scream; bleeding the h...

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5. Out

elemental, basic; spiralled out now true; not strange, just different; time to stand as you; born of a Witch soul; alone but free; conditioning broken; who you meant to be; out of the broom closet; es...

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6. Pentagram (hexe)

pentagram; dark light; pentagram; great rite; pentagram; hidden sun; pentagram; less than one; pentagram; bright star; pentagram; from afar; pentagram; silver sign; pentagram; end of time; Hexe

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7. Sea Change

sea change is coming; it’s time to check in; for your life; here is that day; when you gonna get; what you gave; there’s time for counting; but I know what you’re worth; all that’s in your heart; is c...

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8. Stand

there’s a true light; that burns in your heart; statement of belief; shines from the start; spark of the Divine; that is as bright; as the stars that shine; in your eyes tonight; time to stand true an...

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9. That Ain’t Witch

skewed reality; Wiccan wannabe; hollow in your heart; trying to play a part; soft apologies; going out to please; stumble from the light; scared to face the night; spread for all to see; lack of secre...

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10. Wrath

here it comes now; can you feel her; let Kali take me; give in to my anger; now it consumes; I can taste her; I ’m so bitter; acidic anger; call the Goddess; Divine intervention; anger overload; multi...

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