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1. And The Bearer Goes

Another day, like there's no tomorrow; Another stretch full of sorrow... ; He must go! He can't fail, no! Again thirst, again starvation; Only my mission can bring salvation... He must go! He can't fa...

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2. Awakened

I've been waiting, long awaiting; To begin the reign of flame; World is changing, gods are raging; Flood of hate, it can't be tamed! Forged in me, to my will come; In time of peace... they will be gon...

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3. Betrayer

Wild desire, penetrates my will; Rising higher, forcing to kill; Pledge is gone now...I must have one ring; Get it somehow... I can't think! Tantalizing; Mesmerizing; Paralyzing; Paralyzing! I hear vo...

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4. Death And Glory

King Théoden and his men; They stand by the outer wall; See fierce fire, misery; The Grim Reaper taking toll; Devastation, total war; Black smoke upon the field; But wind is changing; "Dawn will be ou...

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5. Flame Of Udun

Mountains entrails, void within; Without light, full of sin; Deep place of the world, hellish pit; Waked by dwarves, living myth; Firebringer - Son of Moria is here! Burning shadow - Son of Moria is h...

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6. Hand Of Justice

You think you can hide you think you can run; You think you've got rid of the rankness of gulit; Your mouth is so dumb you legs; Are running slow you think you; Can hide but I hear all your groans; Ha...

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7. High Stake

The Dark Lord is looking. He longs for his precious... But the bearer of the Ring was cautious; The Ring must be destroyed - decision was made; So who will go? ... There will be high stake to play!!! ...

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8. Magic Number

The first rider called war, father of upgrowth; Fecundated minds - brought up the dearth; Famine mouth wider then munk's scene; Like lighting gone with mutated meat; Pestilence scared all humanity; Sw...

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9. The Return

Solo: Gajdek; To resurrect his land; With power of the damned; The Path of the Dead so wicked ... He never will retreat! King returns in time of need; In time of hate and deceit; The Legend and the My...

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10. The Will Of The Ring

Put it on, disappear; See me now? Feeling fear? Half-way dead, half-way alive; Here I am, back tonight! "No escape!"; "Let me go!"; "Feel my wrath!"; "Go away, no!"; Chalice of life tastes so sweet, P...

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11. Under The Siege

I. From the East they have come, wicked servants of death; They?ve surrounded the plain and approached city gate; They?re digging the trenches and fortify holy ground; Preparations for the siege! They...

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