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1. Burning A Sinner

A cart rolled through the town; And people all around; Gathered for the burning of the witch; They grit their teeth in anger; They raise their arms in fear; The burning stake was ready for that bitch;...

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2. Death Penalty

Life in prison, is it enough; For what they do; One day soon, so very close; It could be you; A life for a life, that's the way; The only way I say; The chair is best, also sweet; The power's all we p...

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3. Free Country

Reality it is a lie; The briefest dream before I die; To comprehend the cosmic scheme; See the truth behind my dream; Look out for me; Let's trip on L.S.D. Look out for me; D.S. look out for me; Rocky...

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4. Friends Of Hell

Midnight approaches; A circle is formed; Their faces are evil; Their minds are deformed; They preach to their demons; Sacrifice is prepared; She's placed in a circle; Oh and a dagger is beared; I've c...

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5. I Lost You

Destitute and empty; Can't stop thinking of you; You've turned my blue skies all cloudy grey; Oh I loved you but lost you; You were so untrue; Yes I loved you but lost you; Why didn't I listen to you ...

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6. Invisible Hate

Economy it fills my mind; I don't know where to turn; The laws, the rights, the outta sights; You know they all should burn; People saying don't tell me; That's none of my concern; One day close, so v...

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7. Last Chance

Would you step inside my time machine; Come see places you have never been; To Vortex Hill of eternal life; Or back in time, to see the strife; Where do we come from now? Where do we go? Just follow m...

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8. Love On Smack

You say your life's been wasted; You say there's nothing left; You've been so disillusioned; Living on your theft; You call up ask to meet me; Under our favourite tree; I say this must be real bad; Fo...

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9. Music

When I was a young boy; Rock became my life; Sixteen I married it; Then it was my wife; Dreamt of making records; Thought it would be fun; To make you people happy; Each and every one; I need music; O...

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10. No Stayer

I want a woman 'cos it's a Saturday night; I wanna make her feel alright; I'm going to lay her, do you know what I mean; I really wanna make her scream; No stayer on a Saturday night; No stayer 'cos I...

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11. R.I.P.

The screams and the dreams and the nightmares it seems; Are from Hell; Things lurk in the churchyard and rise from the soil; Those who dwell; They come from a cult of evil and bad; No relent; To searc...

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12. Rabies

From the doors of the dungeons you know; Down to the bloody gates of Hell; Men on their knees dying; Rather than to rabies smell; Will we survive? I say; From this one and only evil, Invade; The love ...

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13. Requiem For Youth

My life's been abused, my mind is confused; Best must have passed by; So now I must die; Writing these words now, finding it hard; To tell you my problems you'll just disregard; To these words I write...

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14. Shadowed Images

Are we here or is this really the end? Are you real or just a vision they send? I see you now, but are you really a friend? When I switch off Is this really the end? The bubble of life confuses me; I ...

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15. Soviet Invasion

Here we are afraid to give; Here we are afraid; Afraid to live; Largest nations in the world; They kill, atomic missile, I hear unto; The U.S.S.R. just fights us off; With their crazy words; For you k...

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16. Witchfinder General

I'm coming to find you; I'm coming to get you; I'm coming to take you away; You witches are evil; You worship the devil; So listen to what I say; Come peacefully from out of your huts; Or I'll have yo...

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