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1. Demolition Derby

Something is smelling foul tonight; Someone is going to get kicked in a while; You should have better though it twice; Before messing with my guys; I see hell calling tonight; Rage and gun powered all...

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2. Drinkers From Hell

The force from the depths of hell; Is coming to town tonight; The power of steel and heavy metal; It makes us feel alright; No one close our hellish way; No cops or silly laws; We live to breath and p...

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3. Heavy Metal Poison

Sometimes is a noise; It's a dirty noise; A noise from hell; Sometimes it's melodic; Emetic and dark; Dangerous as knife; It's the new wave; And the speed riffing; And the hellish drums; It's our dirt...

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4. Overcome The Distance

I can feel you next to me; Although you are so far away; The feelings that I feel; Are growing everyday; I'm dreaming of you baby; All day all the night; And I can't wait to hold you; In my arms so ti...

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5. Pay The Price

Misunderstood, I feel like a fool; Destroyed by the laws and I feel annoyed; I want to get away to get back on my home; No more to hide myself, I'll pay the price; Run on the roads, run for my life; S...

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6. Red Light

Back on streets of life; For the pleasure to be a man; Every door burns like a fire; And my heart is gonna break; I have left back all my life; A new gate has opened for me; Here I'll find the thing I...

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7. Rock Unite

Stand up and fight; Rockin' you tonight; Join the legion of steel; Stay unite and kill; Now the sound is loud; Electricity burns the ground; And I feel the fire around; Metal burns us loud; Rock unite...

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8. Witchcurse

Back in time in the middle age; There was a cult that you never learnt; It was so horrible no one ever spell its name; Through the years everyone forgot; There was a curse that this cult was spread; I...

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