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1. I Am The Swarm

A stolid impulse; Of martial conquest; And an irresistible growth; Of virulent forces; Developed to depopulate; Wherever I emerge; Through eaons I have; Subdued my charge; My host lifs - my legion thr...

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2. Incineration & Resurrection

Hail to the blazing inferno; It sweeps away the germs of impurity! "We would be honoured if you would join us"; A world once laid into ashes; But ardour has remained; Sleeping scorched earth; What sle...

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3. Of Strenght And Endurance

We go through life and triumph over lower ones; Determined to vanquish all that's worth nothing; We are the eternal & impregnable shadow; That makes all fools efforts void; The spawn of hell has gathe...

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4. When All Their Honour's Gone

You are not the man in the mirror; you are spreading dull words for your own purpose; harvest my scorn traitor of our own; here is no place for your fucking crave; you illuminate our existence; and st...

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