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1. Aurelia

You were mine; Remember the time? The air smelled more like cinnamon; And pine; For a laugh; I kept the head of that rat; You kept my heart in that ratty old box; The kind that won't lock; With a knif...

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2. Beekeeper

Grow grow overflow gears will grind; And steps will slow; Smoke smoke smells of oak; Pushed so hard it finally broke. Go; Fell fell fetid smell something rotting in its shell; Heal heal how you fell w...

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3. Never Know

I never know if you're dead; Maybe you are at the bottom of the ocean; in the back of a car; On a dirty bed in a crumbling room; Oh baby what's your room? Don't know if you're dead but I like it that ...

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4. Shelter

I move along a rubble strewn road; Shells of burnt out enclosures spell a cracked code; Open to the air at last to breathe & fill; As a cup of with rain; Then flow to release holes of relief; The cita...

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5. The Ballad Of Lanky Rae

A long time ago; On a dark-as-night day; A little girl came into this world; In a right wicked way; When she took her first breath; The doctor heard her say; "All you out there better beware; My name ...

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6. Veil Of The Forgotten

What is the best way to offer it up; In a cup or a bowl? As long as it's gold; Faces all over the walls peering in on the goings on; We will win with patience, cold in the stone; Gold jade and blood, ...

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