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1. ...as Priorities Decay

I won't apologize for my beliefs because you don't like what you hear-; I won't censor my words because it's the truth that you fear- I won't; pretend to smile or look the other way- i won't sit and w...

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2. A War On Reality

Screaming of freedom as it slips from our grasp- An empty idealism; drapes from every highway overpass- Chic redneck fashion- Waving their; flags- Mass-produced like their mentalities- Join the witch-...

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3. Detest

A community with an open mind- who only accepts a certain kind-; filled with optimism and unity- intelligence and diversity- where; bigotry and hatred is shunned- and equality is raised above- but a; ...

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4. I Am Guilty

Walking with my head to the ground- If I think hard enough, maybe he; will go away- Screaming on the top of my lungs but no one can hear me-; Words won't formulate in my head- I cannot express this fe...

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5. Sick Game

I won't support this sick game you play- This tool you use to gain power-; You call it war- I call it terror- When will you learn we are drowning; in the blood of our own people- I can see right throu...

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